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8 July 2011
The CCTV User Group: The Cost to the Public of Public Area CCTV?
19 August 2011
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The CCTV User Group: Survey on The effectiveness of Public Area CCTV & The cost effectiveness of Public Area CCTV

The CCTV User Group are looking tackling some of the key myths the exist in the industry.  They are looking for your help in supplying some key statistics.

If you have  a multi-functional control room, it would help if the costs/statistics related to just the Public Area CCTV part, or if this is not easily identifiable note what other services you provide.

  • Annual Operating cost
  • Population of the
    Number of Public area cameras
    Number of recorded incidents per year

Other statistics which would be helpful if you have them

  •     Percentage of incidents originated by the operator
  •     Number of arrests witnessed
  •     Number of arrests due to operator originating the incident
  •     Number of Video reviews
  •     Number of discs or other media of incidents ‘seized’
  •     Any other info you think would assist

Please note: All results will be entirely confidential, no authority will be identified and only overall average of all submissions received will be used

For further details please contact Peter at The CCTV Group (peter@cctvusergroup.com)
TELEPHONE 01202  707552