Health and Education

Reallocate expenditure from a reduced surveillance budget into front-line services, whilst increasing stakeholder confidence in the ability to protect people and assets.


Free control rooms from the need to manually collect information and generate analytical reports. 

Always know where key assets and equipment are located.


What do we do for Health and Education clients?

Ensuring the security of healthcare and education premises is vital to their functionality. Incidents can disrupt valuable time, if not pose a threat to the well-being of stakeholders. Security staff need the right surveillance capacity to preempt and respond to incidents, which is why Veracity’s technology grants clients the capacity to simultaneously operate multiple surveillance applications.

How does it work?

Pre-project consultations allow Veracity to understand exactly what the client aims to achieve by upgrading their surveillance capabilities. Veracity is then able to propose a bespoke, scaled and cost-efficient solution to meet the particular needs of a particular given client.

Command & Control

Command & Control

Command and Control grants security staff the capacity to visually oversee healthcare and education premises from a single, customisable display interface.
Incident Management

Incident Management

Incident Reporting will systematically and automatically report all incidents and alarms, freeing up control room resources and eliminating scope for human error; and automatically-generated reports can be produced as and when they are needed.
Alarm Receiving

Alarm Receiving

Alarm Receiving will immediately inform control room staff of alarms in an order that suits security priorities, so that a complex network of alarms – comprised of everything from equipment renewal reminders to staff ‘panic alarms’ – can be managed cohesively.
Lone Worker & Guard Tour

Lone Worker & Guard Tour

The safety of personnel can be monitored using Lone Worker and Guard Tour, to mitigate against any security breaches and notify control rooms if they arise.

Who we work with

“Veracity’s software provides a professional standard of service that we rely on for making critical monitoring seamless. In addition, the software is easy to use and is updated regularly with latest versions. Support is timely.”

Mithun Desai, Operations Manager
of Zicom’s Command Centre

(A Banking and Finance Case Study)

Digital surveillance monitoring can be easily provided to other ATMs owned by the bank, where the necessary infrastructure is already in place.