G20 Summit, Cairns

A Public Spaces and Safe Cities Case Study

Applications used

Leaders of 20 countries, which make up 85% of global GDP, met in Cairns, Australia to strategise and coordinate policy with the aim of furthering economic growth.

5,300 political delegates form attending countries attended and 2,300 media personnel covered the event from a purpose-built International Media Centre, which took up the space of two football pitches.

A state-of-the-art surveillance centre, staffed by 150 security personnel, provided round-the-clock security coverage of the event.


What was the brief for G20 Summit 2014?

The security requirements of the 2014 G20 Summit in Cairns, Australia reflected the gravitas of the event. Although the event was held in a quarantined location for political leaders and their entourages, media personnel and events staff, many ‘public’ security measures had to be taken.

How was the solution reached?

Law enforcement agencies were allocated greater powers to stop and search members of the public in two Australian cities. Known offenders were banned from entering certain locations. Citizens were temporarily prohibited from carrying times such as cans, jars, eggs and placards.

Restrictions were placed on car usage. Civil liberties underwent a temporary transformation to mitigate against potential security threats. Such safety measures required cutting-edge surveillance technologies, which Veracity played a role in supplying. Veracity grants public events clients the capacity to preempt disturbances, but mitigate against security breaches if they emerge.

By integrating hundreds of CCTV cameras with alarm prioritisation software, patrol guard communication devices and facial recognition software, public events clients are able to oversee vast public spaces and identify potential risks in a busy setting.