Banking and Finance

Reduce manual labour costs associated with time-intensive security exercises by automating key surveillance tasks. 

Seamlessly manage a complex network of alarms with the help of automated technologies.

Increase consumer confidence in an institution’s ability to keep valuable assets secure.


Enjoy the benefits of integrated surveillance cost-effectively, as an icomply solution can utilise existing hardware.

What do we do for Banking and Finance clients?

Banks and financial institutions need the surveillance capacity to match the tactics of today’s fraudsters and criminals. The digitisation of credit and associated management systems has presented new challenges to the banking and finance market. Veracity has the surveillance technology to enable institutions to carry our multiple surveillance exercises simultaneously, enabling clients to respond to 21st century challenges to financial stability.

How does it work?

Pre-project consultations allow Veracity to understand exactly what the client aims to achieve by upgrading their surveillance capabilities. Veracity is then able to propose a bespoke, scaled and cost-efficient solution to meet the particular needs of a particular given client.

Incident Management

Incident Management

Incident Reporting automatically and systematically records all breaches of preconfigured security criteria; and, for a long-term overview of recorded data, consumer patterns and equipment audits will be automatically generated, and presented in graphically rich reports.
Alarm Receiving

Alarm Receiving

Control room staff can become overwhelmed by a complex network of alarms, which is why Alarm Recieving grants security teams the capacity to monitor all security breaches – from excessive ATM payouts to staff triggered panic alarms – in an order that best suits security concerns.
Command and Control

Command and Control

For monitoring of physical assets, Command and Control gives control rooms to oversee potentially hundreds of analogue and IP cameras from a single, customisable display interface.
Key Tracking

Key Tracking

Key Tracking gives clients the capacity to meticulously monitor the location, history and possessor of valuable assets.

Who we work with

“VIEWSCAPE software provides a professional standard of service that we rely on for making critical monitoring seamless. In addition, the software is easy to use and is updated regularly with latest versions. Support is timely.”

Mithun Desai, Operations Manager of Zicom’s Command Centre

(A Banking and Finance Case Study)

Digital surveillance monitoring can be easily provided to other ATMs owned by the bank, where the necessary infrastructure is already in place.