Housing and Concierge

Increase the confidence of personnel – staff, tenants and the local community – in a control room’s ability to ensure safe. 


Preempt costly and disruptive security breaches using integrated monitoring and surveillance technologies, at the same time providing multiple layers of security safeguards.

Reduce year-on-year security expenditure and redirect into housing stock. 


Supply detailed evidence to law enforcement agencies to solve issues outside of an organisation’s remit. 

What do we do for Housing and Concierge clients?

Tenants of housing associations, private rented accommodation or council properties need to feel safe in their property if it is to be called a home. Using alarm management, CCTV monitoring, personnel protection and data analysis applications, Veracity grants housing and concierge clients the capacity to protect their tenants. 

How does it work?

Pre-project consultations allow Veracity to understand exactly what the client aims to achieve by upgrading their surveillance capabilities. Veracity is then able to propose a bespoke, scaled and cost-efficient solution to meet the particular needs of a particular given client.

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting automatically records all incidents and alarms and produces automated quantitative analysis of collected data.
Alarm Receiving

Alarm Receiving

Alarm Receiving grants control rooms the capacity to manage a multitude of alarms – fire, burglary and staff panic alarms, for example – in accordance with customisable security priorities.
Lone Worker & Guard Tour

Lone Worker & Guard Tour

Lone Worker and Guard Tour offer protective safeguards to personnel working alone or in dangerous places.
Command and Control

Command and Control

Control rooms have the capacity to oversee geographically disparate physical assets using a single interface, Command and Control.

Who we work with

“For me, choosing icomply (Veracity Systems Ltd) was about ease of use at an operator level, reporting, performance management, auditing and functionality”

Richard Ayton, Incommunities Estates and Support Services – CCTV Manager

(A Housing and Concierge Case Study)

Additional service charges associated with outsourcing security and surveillance functions have been eliminated as all CCTV and alarm monitoring exercises are now managed by an internally managed control room.