Nottingham City Council

Community Protection CCTV Service

An Alarm Receiving Centre Case Study

Applications used

Community Protection CCTV Service generates an income due to its capacity to serve a diverse range of clients with varying security needs.

Operational capacity can be upgraded seamlessly if the alarm receiving centre (ARC) wants to take on additional surveillance and security services.

Integrated, cost-effective surveillance technologies allow Community Protection CCTV Service to make a turnover whilst reducing the security expenditure of its clients.

Third-party organisations are confident in Community Protection CCTV Service’s ability to provide comprehensive asset monitoring.

Cost efficiency has been guaranteed due to the automation of once manual labour-intensive security functions.

The service has acquired the capacity to ensure the safety of its mobile security personnel and has gained an insight into their efficiency.


Nottingham City Council

Community Protection CCTV Service

Community Protection CCTV Service provides security and surveillance services to Nottingham-based organisations, 24-hours, 365-days a year.

By serving clients who want to outsource the provision of security and surveillance exercises to a state of the art, integrated surveillance control room, the purpose built alarm receiving centre (ARC) helps organisations to reduce their expenditure on security and surveillance budgets

It’s clients are freed from the need to staff and maintain their own control rooms, but their capacity to keep their premises, staff and assets safe increases.

How was the solution reached?

Designed to multi-task.

Veracity’s solution has granted Community Protection CCTV Service the capacity to undertake multiple surveillance exercises simultaneously. Its clients and the public thus have confidence in the Alarm Receiving Centre‘s (ARC) ability to preempt and respond to security incidents. But a reputation of reliability, which allows the ARC to attract clients such as Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Police Force, is not only commercially beneficial to Community Protection CCTV Service.

In addition to the economic benefits of integrated surveillance, Veracity has implemented additional safety measures to aid law enforcement agencies in their efforts to keep local residentds safe. Helping to reduce its’ clients’ budgets whilst increasing their security and surveillance capacity is a key strength of Community Protection CCTV Service.

Veracity’s solution has enabled the provision of:

  • round-the-clock visual monitoring of assets and premises
  • instant visual CCTV access to the scene of an incident as soon as it occurs;
  • an immediate communication link between control room operators and asset owners following an alarm trigger
  • an instant response to an incident by the Mobile Security Response Service
  • automated production of detailed incident logs of fire and intruder alarm triggers over a period of time
  • external communication with police, fire and ambulance services when it is needed.

Accommodating a diverse range of clients with a wide-range of security needs.

The level of security and surveillance coverage provided by Community Protection CCTV Service depends upon the needs of a particular client. Some require meticulous real-time monitoring of important assets. Others may want the ARC to monitor the safety of patrol personnel.

However, Community Protection CCTV Service is able to provide a ‘full package’ of surveillance coverage, for clients who require comprehensive and cost-effective asset monitoring. icomply specialises in integrating multiple surveillance applications, so that alarm receiving centres can provide a range of services to meet the needs of a diverse variety of clients.

Future-proof control rooms.

Should Community Protection CCTV Service’s clients’ security needs change, as and when new challenges emerge over time, the ARC can adapt to new requirements with ease. Upscaling security capabilities by installing additional applications is a seamless process.

Full spectrum response to security breaches.

  1. When an incident or security breach occurs, a signal is sent to the Community Protection CCTV Service control room to notify operators that an alarm, missed patrol personnel checkpoint – using Lone Worker and Guard Tour – or a panic alarm has been triggered.
  2. Once control room operators have been informed of a potential incident, nearby CCTV cameras will automatically turn to face the location of the disturbance. Control room operators can then visualise the scene of an incident and co-ordinate a response to it.
  3. Where the client subscribes to the Mobile Security Response Service, control room operators can find out which personnel are closest to the scene of the disturbance using Dispatch, which enables control room staff to send the most appropriately located personnel to the scene of an incident.
  4. Once the Mobile Security Response Service has arrived at the scene of the incident, two way correspondence enables control room staff to understand all that is needed to coordinate a further response.