fr8Watch, our real-time monitored intruder detection kit for the haulage industry, received a full page feature in A&S India, India’s leading magazine for professionals providing fire, safety and security solutions, this month. We also had a full page spread in .

Combining latest generation low light/ infra-red cameras and video analytics to detect and report vehicle intrusion, icomply’s fr8Watch triggers alarms that are distributed by SMS, live video and web portal to allocated personnel, including, if required, icomply’s own 24/7 gold standard professional monitoring service. This real-time, monitored intruder detection solution is always on, meaning freight drivers no longer have to be.

Requiring no special software, the whole fr8Watch system operates from battery backup when no power is available and can be configured with other industry standard alarm units. Discrete and with no moveable parts, this solution is fail proof as well as intruder proof; “all solid-state technology” according to A&S India.

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