Make your security seamless.

Bring all your analogue, digital and physical systems together. VIEWSCAPE is an integrated security application platform which allows you to have master control from one room.

Make your money go further.

By integrating with legacy technology, you’ll capitalise on investment and can plan a phased migration to newer and better equipment.

Situational Awareness.

Ensure clarity of all communication, systematic procedures and real-time information flow between patrol personnel and control rooms.

Situational Awareness is about being constantly aware of all possible situations, and the potential events they may trigger. It empowers organisations to make efficient and informed decisions and to take effective action in the event of security threats.


Compiling datasets is an essential part of commerce, security and management. Once collected, a full picture of data and meta-data reveals patterns that cannot be unearthed if single snap-shots are individually analysed. With Incident Management, which automates the reportage of incidents, compiling data to use for service optimisation need not burden control rooms.

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27 November 2015

Zicom Leading the way in e-surveillance at India’s ATMs

icomply’s work with Close Circuit Television operators is well established. Their software has meant companies can integrate their range of cameras to one control room and help make people feel safer in shopping centres; places of work; and back home in their communities. However surveillance technology has expanded beyond simply monitoring activity on the street and in buildings. icomply has been at the forefront of these developments.
17 August 2015

Encrypted cars. Simple. Encrypted communications. Less so.

You are driving home from work. It’s the 000th time you have made the journey. Car dealerships to the left and office blocks to the right of […]
31 July 2015

Putting a price on public safety?

any local authorities and public space managers continue to face budgetary challenges. In the face of cuts to local government funding, thrift is a necessity. Every penny spent must be justified. Local government departments with outdated CCTV control rooms are thus presented with a challenge: do we upgrade our surveillance capacity or watch our CCTV systems decay? For some, you can't put a price on public safety, even in austere times.