A great article by The CCTV User group looks at the cost of CCTV per person;

What actually is the cost of Public Area CCTV operated by your Local Authority per person per year in your community?

“Go on, make a guess! Write it down and then compare it with the true figure.

I’m afraid I can’t give you the exact figure for your Local Authority, but after a survey of many systems in the UK, I can give you the ‘average costs’ of such systems.

Are you ready to be surprised? Then the answer is £1.90 per person in the authority area PER YEAR! Say the about equivalent of £10 per family per year

Surprised, then so was I, and the cost ranges from 30p per year per person to a maximum of £3.60 per year per person.”

The CCTV User group are currently running a survey to get more accurate figures on the cost of CCTV cost. Please follow the link for more details.