Middlesboroughicomply are proud to report their involvement in what was a cost effective security upgrade project for Middlesbrough Council. In a joint project led by Viszec with hardware supplied by Pelco by Schneider Electric, icomply aided the migration of their analogue CCTV network to an IP, resulting in the implementation of an automated incident management and reporting system.

It had been a long term objective of Middlesbrough Council to upgrade their existing security infrastructure and icomply were proud to be a part of the change, working alongside their partners, Pelco by Schneider Electric to get the job completed. icomply rolled out their groundbreaking open integration platform, supplying an all new graphical user interface which allowed the council to monitor and manage a combination of analogue and IP systems in a single application. It was yet another success for icomply’s pioneering VTAS software and a fine example of upgrading a security infrastructure in a cost effective and timely manner.

Those involved with the project from icomply said, “The set up means that the control room can move forward from simply a public space control room to covering larger sites such as universities and public shopping areas. The VTAS software was selected as we are vendor neutral, meaning that it can integrate into any system regardless of manufacturer.”

The versatility and vendor neutrality of the VTAS system is allowing the platform to soar and icomply’s portfolio to grow ever stronger. Middlesbrough Council are now enjoying more safety across public areas with improved monitoring at a fraction of the cost, using both DVR and VMS equipment through one stable and easy to manage system.