AJames Kelly BSIAt IFSEC we caught up with James Kelly, Chief Executive, British Security Industry Association. In this video James shares with us his thoughts on regulation in the security industry and how regulation will ensure effective and responsible use of  surveillance cameras.



The future of the security industry is really all about effective regulation. Both in the man power licences sectors and in electronic areas such as CCTV. I think the industry is quite dedicated to lighter touch regulation, with more responsibility being devolved to the companies that provide it.

It needs to be effective so there needs to be some compliance and enforcement provisions behind it to make sure that less reputable companies are towing the line.

Equally in the electronic sectors, the licensing of CCTV operators in the public space is equally critical. The governments recent code of conduct, that they consulted the BSIA on, was really trying to make sure that there were certain standards in public space CCTV surveillance, which we support.

Not for the sake of it because regulation can be a cost of business, but we support it if it means certain standards are met and there is responsible of surveillance cameras.