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icomply announce integration with Crime and Fire in Yorkshire-based partnership

icomply and Crime and Fire have announced an integration partnership, producing a complete security solution for CCTV and perimeter protection of critical national infrastructure.

Crime and Fire are a systems integrator for sites of critical national infrastructure, providing high security solutions for perimeters.  The integration with icomply, leading provider of cost-effective open platform software, will enable CNI sites to control security applications from different manufacturers through the user-friendly and flexible front end, V-TAS Pro.

“If you’ve got a perimeter, and you need it protecting…. you need to call the A-Team” Pete Rushforth, Director of Crime and Fire, joked.  “In seriousness, we design, install and maintain everything from electric fencing and CCTV, to access control and intruder detection.  We work in the petrochemical, gas, utility and electricity sectors – anything that’s critical to the nation’s infrastructure.

“Customers of icomply and Crime and Fire are really going to benefit from this truly Yorkshire-based partnership.  We’re specialists in perimeter protection and icomply are specialists in open platform integration software.  Together, we can provide a cost-effective and energy efficient solution for end users.  We’ve combined our in-depth knowledge and expertise to create an effective and successful perimeter security system.

“The beauty of icomply’s software is that it’s open platform, so that both legacy and analogue cameras, along with IP cameras, can be viewed in live and recorded modes.  You can integrate a really wide range of recording elements into the software, building on its open protocol. Crime and Fire pride ourselves on carrying out fast and cost-effective development, working to the highest standards in the security industry.”

Michael Gallagher, Director of Business Development at icomply, commented on the partnership: “We’re really pleased that Crime and Fire, a systems integrator with a wealth of experience and knowledge in CNI, government and military security sectors, have chosen icomply’s V-TAS Pro open integration software platform (PSIM) as one of their preferred products.

“Crime and Fire use an extensive approvals process to evaluate products.  When testing icomply’s software against a number of other PSIM style software providers, Crime and Fire concluded that V-TAS Pro’s open architecture enabled them to offer a complete integrated security platform, combining old and new technologies for their clients.  We are very much looking forward to further expanding the projects and solutions that we have already delivered with Crime and Fire in the coming years.”

To find out more about icomply’s integration with Crime and Fire, please email or