icomply attended the first ever event organised by Professional Security magazine, Security Twenty 13!  The conference certainly lived up to Roy Cooper’s claim that ‘you’ll leave having learnt something new’.  Here’s our highlights of the event.

Charlie Cracknell, Event Director at UBM and the well-known face of IFSEC, updated the audience on IFSEC 2013.  IFSEC is focusing on IT and integration this year, a traditional weakness for British industry.   He emphasised the important role IFSEC plays in raising the profile of British business internationally.

Regarding the move back to London, UBM made the decision after considering feedback from exhibitors and visitors, and implemented a 12 month research programme to test London.  It obviously wasn’t made lightly, with Charlie joking that he’d get more sleep if it stayed in Birmingham!

Another well-known face, Surveillance Camera Commissioner Andrew Rennison, stepped up to tell us about the progress on introducing the CCTV Code of Practice, as required by the Coalition under the Protection of Freedoms Act.  The recently published Code received a mostly positive reception from the audience, with the response of ‘some good things but fine tuning needed’.  The consultation has now closed, with the Home Office working through the results.  Andrew also announced at the event that he will shortly be coming to the end of his six year role as Commissioner.

Other notable and enjoyable speakers included Claudia Gerrard of Excello Law, who also blogs regularly for the Professional Security magazine.  She educated the audience on changes to employment law under the Coalition, with some surprise that most of the audience had not even heard of many changes (prompting an audience member to  respond ‘that’s what lawyers are for!’)

Simon Banks, Board Director of CSL DualCom, asked the question on everyone’s lips at the moment – is it sustainable to delivery quality for less cost during tough economic times?  The answer, you’ll be delighted to hear, is a resounding ‘Yes’!  But companies need to adapt to changes in order to deliver high quality products whilst maintaining customer trust.

We were treated to a detailed case study from Ian Paton, who had the unenviable challenge of creating a security network from scratch as Security & Risk Manager for metal recycling company Sims Group.  Or perhaps his role was actually enviable – after all, as he pointed out, how many times do you get to join a company with little to no security and start afresh?

Congratulations to Roy Cooper, Liz Lloyd and the Professional Security team for a very successful event.  During the conference, Roy announced two more dates this year, July in London and September in Newcastle (cue bad Geordie impression from Roy!)  Visit their website for more information on how to sign up.