With 15 years’ experience in the integrated security industry, at icomply we like to think we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to predicting trends in CCTV.  So what does the team think will be big in 2013?

Trend 1: Moving towards consolidation

A large number of CCTV control rooms have already made the move to bring external services in-house, but we believe that many more will follow in 2013.  This consolidation of technologies and security applications provides great cost-saving benefits, along with the opportunity for further revenue generation.  Of the public space control rooms we surveyed in March 2012, 44% named servicing other departments and 33% serviced outside companies as a source of revenue generation (see our infographic)

Trend 2: Breaking away from analogue

Steven Olbison, System Sales and Marketing Executive, predicts that 2013 will be the year of IP.  “As the industry is moving to newer technologies, IP will ensure the high quality performance that security centres need.  Control rooms will be able to utilise security infrastructure to integrate with the IT side, so that cost of ownership will be reduced in the future.  We can help companies in the move from analogue to IP by integrating both streams into V-TAS Pro.”

Trend 3: Increasing importance in user-friendliness

Control room managers are telling us that one of the most important aspects when choosing new technology is now ease of use.  With so many recent innovations to create intuitive technology interfaces, security centres can reduce training costs and increase operator effectiveness by choosing the right product.  Richard Ayrton, CCTV Manager at Incommunities housing association, explains why V-TAS Pro was the open platform solution he’d been looking for: “For me, choosing icomply was about ease of use at an operator level.  The information comes in to one front end.   If it’s an Axis or Sanyo camera, the operator uses the technology in a uniformed way.”  (Read more from Richard)

Trend 4: India CCTV industry booming

icomply predict that the CCTV industry in India will experience rapid growth in 2013.  The market is currently estimated to be worth over £100m and expected to grow at an annual rate of 25%.  Vivek Kumar, Business Development Executive in icomply India, explains the country’s unique characteristics that make it the one to watch in 2013.  “Since the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, there’s been a revolution in Indian security.  Both public and private sector businesses are rapidly installing CCTV, often from scratch, which is where established security companies can provide reliable systems and high quality equipment to transform India’s CCTV infrastructure.”

Trend 5: Continuing public space austerity

In May 2012 at the CCTV User Group, Martin Beaumont, CCTV manager at Cambridge City Council, gave the following warning: “These cuts are going to go on for a minimum of three years.  If you think you’re safe and secure, like I did, and you’re not keeping an eye on the future, you’re going to be in for a nasty shock.” (Read more from Martin)  CCTV control rooms will have to learn how to survive and thrive in 2013 with continued public space cuts and high levels of austerity in the industry.

If you’ve got Trend number 6, please leave comment on our blog to let us know!