Hugh Barker, the Managing Director of icomply, provides a simple explanation of how V-TAS Pro can benefit your control room by integrating CCTV with other security applications.

V-TAS Pro significantly reduces the running costs and increases efficiency in surveillance and security centres by integrating different streams of information into one central interface.  icomply are market leaders in providing affordable integration technology to control rooms, with global partners in India, South Africa and Australia.

So what does our integration software, V-TAS Pro, actually do?

Take Leeds City Council as an example.  Over the years it has invested millions of pounds in CCTV cameras and equipment that uses analogue signals to deliver images to the control room, a bit like your old analogue TV.  And like the Digital Switchover, the best CCTV equipment is now transmitted over the Internet, or “IP” as it’s known in our industry, for a clearer picture.

But the new stuff doesn’t ‘plug in and play’ with the old stuff.  V-TAS Pro integrates the old equipment with the new kit, so that Leeds City Council can extend the life of their old equipment whilst planning for the future by installing new technology.

Now that’s pretty clever – but we also integrate lots of other streams of information that come into control rooms besides CCTV. For example, intruder alarms or personal panic alarms are presented on screen to the operator, who can immediately see what’s happening using CCTV images.

We also collect alarms from other systems, for example fire or building management systems.  This makes the operator’s life much simpler.  They don’t have to learn different software for each security application, they just use V-TAS Pro.

Information about each incident is stored on our database, which automatically creates management reports and hot spot analysis for the control room manager.  Typically this saves around 70 man hours per month.

With established revenue streams and valuable intellectual property, V-TAS Pro is a strong product offering in a large global market.  We offer genuinely cost effective solutions to control rooms using a modular system, so that customers can create a bespoke package.

To be a successful business, you have to have a good team. The icomply guys are world class – and I really mean second to none. With our expert industry knowledge and commercial experience, we work together to get the job done.