Guard Tour

Protect personnel and assets using multiple layers of security and monitoring safeguards.     


Establish a real-time information flow between patrol personnel and control rooms.   

Automate vital security and monitoring functions. Saving control room resources and eliminating scope for human error.  

What is Guard Tour?

Guard Tour enhances the relationship between individual security personnel and control rooms by automating safety checkups, heightening the level of security personnel protection and reducing the workloads of both parties.   

How does it work?

Real-time Information

Real-time Information

By placing RFID technology along a patrol route, individual security personnel register their geographical position once a checkpoint is swiped with an appropriate NFC or RFID device.
Automated response to security breaches

Automated response to security breaches

If a checkpoint is missed, indicating that a schedule may have been unexpectedly deviated from, control room operators are immediately made aware and can begin to follow mitigation measures to ensure personnel are safe, such as viewing nearby security cameras, automating phone calls or locating other nearby patrol staff.
Instant awareness of security breaches

Instant awareness of security breaches

Individual security personnel can also be given ’panic’ or ‘man down’ alarms, so that control rooms are notified of security threats without latency.
Cross-technology integration

Cross-technology integration

Because Guard Tour is designed to work alongside other surveillance applications, control room operators can customise its operational capacity: CCTV cameras can be configured to turn and face the location of an incident once an alarm is triggered; reports on the adherence to patrol routes can be published on an automated basis; and systematic outbound and inbound telephone calls can be programmed, for when spoken correspondence is needed.

Where is it used?

“Guard Tour has given us access to accurate information, which helps us to recognise how long mobile guards spend at site. The application also provides accurate reports for route planning and ensures all remote areas are checked” 

Wayne Bluck, CCTV/Security Senior Officer Rhondda Cyon Taf Country Borough Council

Nottingham City Council
Community Protection CCTV Service
(Alarm Receiving Centre)

Community Protection CCTV Service provides security and surveillance services to Nottingham-based organisations, 24-hours, 365-days a year. By serving clients who want to outsource the provision of security and surveillance exercises to a state of the art, integrated surveillance control room, the purpose built alarm receiving centre (ARC) helps organisations to reduce their expenditure on security and surveillance budgets