Saltoicomply are pleased to announce that they have entered into a technology partnership agreement with SALTO Systems. The UK software developers of V-TAS Pro, a PSIM integration platform, icomply provide integration solutions for CNI, government, retail and transportation applications.

Under the technology partnership, icomply have committed to fully integrating SALTO’s range of access control and BMS technology into the V-TAS Pro software platform, to enable seamless control of the SALTO product range through the V-TAS Pro software.

  SALTO Systems are world leaders in advanced wire free and wireless access control solutions. They are the access control option of choice on over 1 million doors in over 70 countries. SALTO electronic access control systems enable users to turn any door into a fully featured access control door, eliminating the need to replace locks if key security is breached due to the loss or theft of key cards and allow key cards and locks to be simply and quickly updated, restricted or deleted remotely. Their technology can control up to 4 million users and up to 64,000 doors on a single system – all controlled from a single PC.   Hugh Barker, the Managing Director of icomply, says “Over the past 12 months, we’ve extended our integration portfolio extensively to include over 100 equipment manufacturers, from access control systems to intruder and perimeter protection systems.  As finalists for the Integrated Solution of the Year award at the Security Excellence Awards 2012, our open platform software V-TAS Pro demonstrates the innovative integration solution at its best.   We feel that SALTO’s extensive product range complements the open platform integration that we actively promote at icomply.”   Andy D’Urso, UK Integrated Solutions Manager at Salto Systems, says “We are proud to include icomply’s V-TAS Pro platform as part of our ever growing integrations offering at SALTO. Innovation is the constant driver at SALTO and the welcome addition of icomply to our integration partner portfolio certainly reinforces that concept.”   It is icomply’s intention to expand their portfolio of equipment manufacturers over the coming months, to enable our customers to fully integrate security applications in the V-TAS Pro PSIM software platform.