IFSECThe Integrator Security Conference 2013 was a roaring success and drew in large audiences, with businesses from all around the world sharing knowledge and innovations through a series of informative presentations and discussions.

One of the key principles hit upon during the 3 day exhibition was that of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management).

The market for PSIM has seen impressive growth over the past few years, although lack of knowledge surrounding the true benefits of the PSIM platform has prevented it from yet reaching its full potential.

PSIM was given significant praise at the IFSEC exhibition for its ability to integrate various security peripherals and devices, and manage them through a streamlined and efficient user interface.  Its ability to collect usable and relevant information from from various systems such as video, access controls, analytics and networks was also lauded.  Using PSIM integration, a business can use existing security systems and improve its return on investment, and can also gain accurate data reports and analysis.  Enhancing situation awareness and incorporating standard operating procedures can also assist companies with their in-house policy making and priority levels – something which can often cause headaches when dealing with multiple systems.

For years, icomply have been market leaders in providing integrated security software which is both comprehensive and cost effective. Their very own open source software platform, V-TAS Pro is an example of PSIM at its prime, combining new and existing technologies into one streamlined management system.  Not only can V-TAS Pro bridge the gap between analogue and digital technologies, it can revolutionise security systems, giving an unparallelled level of detail and analysis.