For icomply, the theme at IFSEC International 2013 was ‘looking back, looking forward’.  With this in mind, we asked Dave Wilkinson, Technical Manager of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), about the future of the security industry.

“The future of security is integration. Security companies, whether electronic, manned or physical security need to adapt to ensure their continued success. Integration of services and technologies has been about for a long time, but more recently has become more prominent as a model for business success.

Not only is this being done at a practical level, such as integrating facility management with, let’s say, access control and intruder alarms,  or perhaps combining manned guarding / key-holding response with detector activated CCTV, but this has also been recognised by industry groups who are creating interoperability standards such as ONVIF/PSIA on the field of CCTV.

Even the BSIA has produced an “open protocol” for intruder alarm devices (CP 249), which is being used by some manufacturers. Notwithstanding the Standards bodies in both the European and International arenas that have recognised this need and have active groups in this area.

Companies that have realised the benefits of integration and embraced changes in technology have opened up new opportunities for their customers providing a “one stop shop” approach to security. We have seen the creation of companies forming an “alliance” to harness the benefits their services deliver to the public and commercial sectors.

We have even seen associations such as our own – the BSIA signs MoUs with partners such as FIA and TSA to tackle industry-wide issues such as Next Generation Networks (NGNs);  an example of the fast pace of change within the telecommunications sector.

The future of security is changing all the time. The key is to be prepared for change. We at the BSIA believe we use our resources to inform members and the wider audience of the future challenges in security that lie ahead.”

icomply would like to say thank you to Dave Wilkinson and the BSIA.  Please visit the BSIA’s website for more information.