Coinciding with the 40th birthday of IFSEC International, UBM launched the in January as the new home of the info4fire and info4security websites.  IFSEC Global explained the new website was developed to provide a more effective means for users to keep up to date with the fast-paced security industry.

“In this changing landscape it has never been more important to be connected with the entire global security and fire buying chain, and to keep informed on the latest trends and developments in the marketplace.  That’s why we have launched – a new global community offering a safe, moderated environment where professionals across the security and fire industries can come together.”

But the website is also a reaction to the ever-changing online industry.  Its USP is providing a platform for installers, end users, distributors and manufacturers to share best practice and knowledge in a niche online community.  So what does the new IFSEC Global website have to offer?

Content from security professionals

Blogging has now become a major influence in the security industry as notable authors establish themselves as thought leaders and experts in a niche field.  Articles on are uploaded by a wide range of Bloggers (see the full list here).  Thanks to the site’s editorial guidelines, articles published on IFSEC Global remain unbiased and cannot promote a particular product or manufacturer, resulting in high quality and independent information from reliable sources.

Searchable layout sports a highly effective three-tier menu, enabling users to choose home pages for type of content (eg. Articles, Case Studies), industry application (eg. Retail, Counter Terror), or product area ( eg. Access Control, Lone Worker).  This makes it much faster for users to access the type of information they are looking for, navigating the website with ease.

Download free reports and whitepapers

As we’re based in Leeds, icomply was happy to note that whitepapers are available to download for Yorkshire’s favourite price – absolutely free!  More importantly, the reports provide  trustworthy, objective information from reputable sources as they are once again subject to editorial guidelines.  Two whitepapers currently available to download are ‘Five reasons to install HD-SDI in 2013’ and IMS Research’s ‘The Modern Market for Intelligent Control Panels: Directions and Prospects’.

Join in the conversation

The site offers the opportunity for readers to share opinions, express disagreements and potentially make business connections by registering as a commenter (Cadet) on  There have been some lively discussions on the site already – check out the comments on “Lessons to be learned from Brazil nightclub fire”.  You can upload a profile picture and provide information on your personal profile, as another opportunity for brand awareness in the online community.

It’s early days yet for the IFSEC Global website, but there’s already a wealth of content worth exploring, and we’re looking forward to seeing the site grow.  You can email Robert Ratcliff at for more information on how to become a Blogger, or register as a Cadet and join in the discussions now!