In our recent survey into control room budgets, 32% had a reduced budget in 2012-13.  That’s nearly one third of control rooms that need to save money this year.

Integrating CCTV with other security functions of your control room into one system creates a more efficient and effective surveillance service, saving time and ultimately money.

But how do you find a cost-effective integrated solution that really IS cost effective?  As experts in the security industry and providers of the leading open platform software, V-TAS Pro, we know what you should be looking for – and what pitfalls to avoid.

1. Choose a solution where you can keep existing hardware

You don’t have to completely overhaul your CCTV system when upgrading to an integrated control room.  Find a provider that will integrate analogue cameras, and other equipment that still works, with the new IP technology you’d like to put in.

Avoid a solution that is affiliated with particular hardware manufacturers, as this can lead to expensive and unnecessary costs.

2. Choose a solution with low instalment and training costs

Finding an integrated system with a low cost of ownership will ensure you don’t blow your budget on training staff.  Your integrated software should be easy for your operators to learn and use on a day-to-day basis.

Avoid over-complicated systems that will take a long time to install, which could incur down-time for your control room.

3. Choose a system with a good pricing structure for integration modules

Find a provider that will charge a fair price for each piece of integration work.  Make sure that they integrate with lots of different technology manufacturers so that your choices are not limited.

Avoid pricing structures that charge a large amount for each integration project.

4. Choose a system that integrates every security application in your control room

Integrated software platforms that only integrate two or three applications, like VMS and alarm receiving, will not be truly cost effective.  Find a provider that allows you to pick and choose which modules your control room needs, and think about what you might need in the future.

Avoid having separate multiple systems alongside your integration software, as this counteracts the time and cost-saving benefits.

5. Choose a solution that offers a good value support plan

If you choose to have a support plan, the support department should be friendly, helpful and supportive from day one to year dot.

Avoid a solution which will not offer support after the installation, or charge expensive fees instead of a well-managed support plan.

icomply’s open platform integration software, V-TAS Pro, has been nominated for a Security Excellence Award 2012 for Integrated Solution of the Year.  If you would like a demonstration of V-TAS Pro, please contact us or chat to us live!