Peter Houlis recent article on CCTV and its role in the counter-terror agenda on Info4Security, certainly gives an insight into the wider discussion within the CCTV community.

Alongside the recent publication of a revised CONTEST strategy by the Home Office, is it now time to focus on CCTV and its vital role in the counter-terror agenda? Peter Houlis thinks so.

With a history dating back to the early 1990s of legacy CCTV systems deployed throughout the UK for use in urban surveillance, are they really fit for purpose as a potent weapon in the growing war against terrorism?

It’s clear that video surveillance plays a key role in fighting crime and protecting public spaces. It is a valuable aid to the ‘operational management’ of urban spaces, such as town and city centres, industrial parks, hospitals and universities where it’s designed and installed to improve community safety as well as aid the early identification of crime and emergency situations and other disruptive incidents.

 Peter Houlis is the Managing Director of 2020 Vision Systems