We are delighted to announce the feedback from a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey.  i-COMPLY sent the surveys out to our existing customers who have bought our integrated security application software. Our aim was to understand why they bought our solution, benefits they have received, how they made the ROI case and what our key strengths are.  From this valuable feedback we can continue to improve our customer service and product offering. Some of the highlights:

Why did you choose the i-COMPLY solution?

•    We were looking to improve on our Control Room operations including streamlining management processes and incident logging
•    The solution fitted the problem I had
•    It managed a lot of time-consuming processes better than manually doing them
•    We were able to approach i-COMPLY and have them deliver a number of different solutions from a single supplier covering a variety of operational issues

Why did you select i-COMPLY over the competition?

•    They are known as industry’s best solution
•    The information that was passed by I-COMPLY was very good
•    The i-Comply solution offers a commercial and financial benefit in comparison to the competition.
•    Total system control all in one package

What do you think i-Comply’s 3 greatest strengths are?

•    Excellent product
•    Provides what is needed
•    Good service
•    Communication
•    Product delivers what it says it will
•    Flexible approach to business
•    Reliable, future proof solution

What are the other benefits that you are getting from i-COMPLY?

•    All my operators are working to a coherent standard
•    Kept up to date with Software upgrades
•    Changes to system when needed
•    Due to the flexible approach to the project we have found that the clients specific / demanding requirements have been consistently met on time every time.
•    Easier work environment, paperless office, easy backup and complete history.

How much is the i-COMPLY integrated security solution worth to you?

•    A huge amount of time is saved completing management reports, for me this is invaluable as I can complete other tasks
•    It is very important as this is a crucial part of our control systems
•    Saves a lot of time, increases bond with our client and provides a link to all sites.
•    Time saved on management reports

We are delighted with the very favorable feedback highlighted in this brief survey of our customers. We strive to be flexible and pro active, delivering comprehensive robust technology backed up by no-nonsense timely support and would like to say a big thank you to our customers for their loyalty.