The need for Guard Tour tracking and reporting is as old as the sun. To bring this form of working into the new millennium we have brought fresh ideas into an old world.

Where previously, managers only knew of a missed checkpoint after the event, sometimes even days or weeks until an exceptions report could be produced. We offer instant, almost live updates, which can be fed seamlessly into our front-end system.

Using the latest advances in mobile technology we utilise RFiD to provide a cost effect and reliable guard tour system. Managers can design an officer’s tour via our desktop application and then either download or send via 3G to a PDA.
The software programs knows which tags need to be selected and at what intervals. The system tracks the progress of the tour and generates alarms to the operators when a tag has not been selected.
The system can then automatically generate reports to the end users some of which include exceptions, frequency of tour and times of tour.
The RFiD tags can be either passive or active meaning that you can program a tag to provide the officer with a task or provide them with information about the locale of the tag. You can even use a mixture of tags allowing you greater freedom over you guard tour. RFiD has many benefits including the low cost and low maintenance.
We have chosen a ruggedized PDA as it incorporates a number of useful technologies into one device thus minimising the amount of kit the officer is expected to carry on their kit belt – it has GPS, 3G, RFiD – it is a mobile phone and powerful enough to run the application software. Other technologies will be used in the right environment.