icomply would like to invite you to the Global MSC Security Seminar (Queen’s Hotel, Leeds, Tuesday 13th November).  Free to end users, the seminar’s theme is an overview of the CCTV National Standards Forum, which has the aim of

“providing a source of independent and expert advice to the Government, regulators and a wide variety of stakeholders on issues that relate to the deployment of CCTV, both in the public and private domains within the UK”  CCTV National Standards Forum

The keynote speaker will be the newly appointed Camera Surveillance Commissioner, Andrew Rennison.  This represents a fantastic opportunity to receive guidance on how the new Freedom of Information Act will interface with public space surveillance.

We’re exhibiting our open software integration platform, V-TAS Pro, at the seminar on Tuesday 13th November, alongside around 40 leading security manufacturers.  Visit the Global MSC Security website to see the full list of exhibitors, and book your place for the visit to Leeds City Council or attend the Global MSC Seminar.