Lone Worker

Reduce the manual workload of control rooms and enhance personnel protection.


Lone Worker can integrate with other applications to further enhance control room workflows. 

Systematically respond to security breaches in accordance with security preferences.

What is Lone Worker?

If an employee is working in a potentially dangerous environment, employers can rest assured knowing that any safety threats will be made known to the control room operator by Lone Worker.  

How does it work?

Check-up calls increase staff safety

Check-up calls increase staff safety

Lone Worker gives clients the capacity to monitor the safety of personnel and respond to any threats to their safety that arise. The client is presented with two communication options: ‘do we want personnel to telephone us at pre-programmed times or, if making a telephone call compromises the employee’s security, should the control room schedule an automated call?’.
Multi-layer security safeguards

Multi-layer security safeguards

Additional layers of security can be added to supplement two-way telephone correspondence, such as ‘man down’ or ‘panic alarm’ devices. Both devices allow for potential safety threats to be identified before a checkup call is missed.
Automated responses to potential security breaches

Automated responses to potential security breaches

If a member of staff misses a check-up call, which could suggest they are in danger, Lone Worker will follow a customisable procedure to investigate and inform others about the potential situation. A missed call will be brought to the attention of an organisation’s central control room, the employee’s last know location will be brought up on screen if they are carrying a GPS device, and nearby CCTV cameras will turn to face the last known location of employee.

Where is it used?

“Each rider is monitored using Lone Worker and Key Tracking, which uses GPS tracking and has two-way speech and panic alarm facilities. Each rider’s position is displayed live in our control room on VIEWSCAPE’s open integration platform” 

Stockton Security Services
Assistant Security Services Manager,

Graeme Small

Nottingham City Council
Community Protection CCTV Service
(Alarm Receiving Centre)

Community Protection CCTV Service provides security and surveillance services to Nottingham-based organisations, 24-hours, 365-days a year. By serving clients who want to outsource the provision of security and surveillance exercises to a state of the art, integrated surveillance control room, the purpose built alarm receiving centre (ARC) helps organisations to reduce their expenditure on security and surveillance budgets