Key Tracking

Have peace of mind by always being able to pinpoint the exact location of company assets.  


Ensure control rooms are made aware of any information that concerns the security of tracked items as and when it becomes available.  

Whether a client needs to monitor one or one hundred assets, scalable asset management ensures accurate tracking.


Establish a real-time information flow between patrol personnel and control rooms.

What is Key Tracking?

Key Tracking provides clients with real-time information on tracked items – their location, movement history, possessor, and the date when a reassessment of the item is due, such as an MOT or PAT test.

How does it work?

Continual awareness

Continual awareness

Staying informed of the precise location of physical assets can be problematic for organisations. As the number of assets increases, as do logistical problems that stem from the need to continually monitor their whereabouts. Key Tracking addresses both problems: detailed, real-time information on an unlimited number of trackable items can be accessed as and when it is needed.
Alarm notifications highlight improper item usage

Alarm notifications highlight improper item usage

If an item is overdue, is moved to an out-of-bounds location or falls into the wrong pair of hands, control room operators will be immediately informed.
Detailed information on item possessors

Detailed information on item possessors

As well as recording data on the location of physical assets, Key Tracking grants users the capacity to keep track of who is recorded as being responsible for an item. For example, if a patrol guard is responsible for a set of keys or a public servant has access to important documentation, Key Tracking will hold information on the keyholder’s level of authority, security clearance and their history of asset handling.
Keeping items out of the wrong pairs of hands

Keeping items out of the wrong pairs of hands

To ensure assets only fall into the hands of legitimate users, Key Tracking can specify security clearance measures that need to be passed before access to an item is granted: bar code identification, photo verification and ID barring give Key Tracking users the capacity to control access to designated items.

Where is it used?

“To tackle the management problem of handling over two hundred properties, each with multiple keysets and expensive communication equipment leaving the control facility each day, Veracity have provided a bespoke IT solution.  It has simplified our daily operations and reduced equipment turnover, all within the familiar VIEWSCAPE interface.”

Frank McFadden, General Manager of Security,
Edinburgh City Council

METRO and Leeds City Council
(A Transportation Case Study)

In 2012, Leeds City Council and METRO, a public transport provider operating in Yorkshire, amalgamated their CCTV command control rooms. Veracity ensured the transition was successful and seamless.