6th June 2016

Leeds City Council considers new CCTV cameras for local community

Leeds City Council is looking into new CCTV cameras in the market town of Wetherby to help prevent a very specific form of anti-social behaviour.
28th April 2016

Council in Hampshire set to scrap CCTV

Havant Council decided earlier this month that they will be closing down their CCTV network in the town centre. The decision was taken in order to make savings of £150,000 on the grounds that the system was expensive, out-of-date and no longer effective.
11th April 2016

icomply showcasing new products at Secutech India

Visitors to this month’s Secutech India security show in Mumbai should keep an eye out for the icomply stall. The company is setting up a simulated command and control centre that will use real time video feeds from clients and manufacturers to demonstrate how its V-TAS pro system supports integrated security systems. icomply will be sharing a stall at Secutech India with ADOR Powertron, part of one of the oldest and largest group of companies in the Indian industrial sector. V- TAS Pro will help to demonstrate a range of security devices that ADOR produce, and link them directly to the simulated control room.
7th March 2016

CCTV continues to have key role for sports ground security

The use of CCTV at grounds was one of the recommendations of the Taylor enquiry. Ironically this was one area where CCTV was already well established, and welcomed by most spectators. The enquiry itself highlighted this stating "football supporters are probably more accustomed to being subjected to camera surveillance than most other groups in society."
1st February 2016

New UK security laws to affect CCTV operators?

This year will see the introduction by the UK government of new regulations that will extend the power of security services to monitor information. The so called ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ contains proposals that include collection and of people’s personal data, monitoring what people look at on the web, and tracking their use of phones and social media. The draft legislation is undergoing a thorough examination by the draft investigatory powers bill scrutiny committee.
8th January 2016

Paris Terror Attacks & Surveillance – In our best interest?

The recent events in Paris a few weeks ago sent shock waves around the world. This was the latest in a series of terrorist attacks that have left communities across the globe reeling with both shock and grief.
24th December 2015

People across asked to watch the skies on December 24th

For as long as anybody can remember on December 25th families across the world have woken to find their homes filled with presents. The reasons for this have baffled both scientists and security experts for years - particularly as it seems to happen simultaneously across towns and cities. There are a number of theories about why and how this occurs.